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About Tandoori Bowl

Authentic Indian Quick Meal in Oviedo, Florida

Enjoy all of the amazing flavors of Indian cuisine right here in Oviedo, Florida. Tandoori Bowl is your choice for real Indian food in Orlando and the Greater Orlando Area with on-the-spot service and a variety of all-natural quick Indian meals. Made to satisfy your appetite and excite your senses, our menu stays true to authentic Indian cooking and perfected, age-old traditions. At Tandoori Bowl, we pride ourselves on quality ingredients, quick service and complete customer satisfaction to keep you happy and coming back for more.

If You Love Indian Food, You'll Love Tandoori Bowl

Never tried Indian food? You're in for a treat! This time-honored cuisine is centuries in the making and has been influenced by a diversity of cultures, contributions and tastes. Today, Indian food is world-renowned for its creative use of seasonings and delectable range of ingredients mingling together in a lively symphony of flavors. It really is one of the most flavorful cuisines on the planet - but generations of perfection have refined each recipe to satisfy your taste and appetite without overpowering your senses! Tandoori Bowl is here to dispel the myth that Indian food is always hot - this simply isn't true! What is true is that Indian food is absolutely loaded with flavor, from sweet and mild to moderate and extra . No matter what your palate or tolerance for flavor, there's something for everyone to indulge in with delicious Indian cuisine at Tandoori Bowl.

Traditional Recipes Made Fast

Since ancient history, Indian cuisine has come with its own unique cooking methods, ingredients and preparation equipment. Tandoori Bowl prepares food using authentic ingredients and traditional recipes made with modern techniques and equipment designed specifically for Indian cuisine. This allows us to preserve traditional cooking methods that make Indian food so special - without keeping you waiting. You'll be amazed how fast we can make your favorite fresh Indian dish ready-to-go... try fast & delicious Indian meals at Tandoori Bowl today!

Our Innovation

Traditional Indian Food in a Fast-Moving World

At Tandoori Bowl, we know that our busy lives don't always leave a lot of time for waiting. Should we have to give up healthy, delicious choices and settle for less just because it's faster?

Tandoori Bowl Indian Quick Meal is here to provide quality food without the wait - so you can enjoy authentic, all-natural recipes without skipping a beat. Our innovation is founded in cooking and preparation techniques designed to save time without forgoing on flavor, tradition and excellence. Your food is cooked fresh and ready in minutes. How do we do it?

Our menus are prepared by Indian master chefs that value time-honored traditions and the flavor each recipe brings to the table. In order to preserve the full delicacy of every single Indian dish, we use creative cooking techniques that follow each recipe flawlessly without ever making you wait. Our modern Indian cooking equipment makes it possible to prepare your food on the spot with freshly-marinated ingredients timed just right and waiting for our next eager guest. The result is some of the best tandoori you'll ever have and an easy choice for your next meal. At Tandoori Bowl, your Indian cuisine is made quick, right and always tastes its best.

Enjoy all of your favorite Indian food in Oviedo, Florida by stopping by at Tandoori Bowl today. If you love Indian dining, you'll be pleasantly surprised with our quality and service. If you're a first-timer, come join fans from all over the world in the celebration of flavor and appetite that is authentic Indian cuisine!